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Directory structure

Src folder

All the theme files are located in /src folder. Files here form a demo static site, mostly equivalent to the online demo (CDNs not used here).

Next.js uses folder and file name based routing. If you place file named about.js to /src/pages folder, page with /about URL will be created. You can also use subfolders (for example /src/pages/blog/post.js - final URL /blog/post).

You can open any of the files in your code editor to modiy their markup or content to suit your needs.

Src folder also includes these subfolders:

  • /scss - where you can find all scss files
  • /components - React components
  • /hooks - custom reusable React hooks
  • /pages - files for every page
  • /data - JSON data sample files for pages and components
SCSS folder

SCSS folder located at /src/scss, contains Bootstrap’s and theme’s SCSS sources structured in the following subfolders

  • bootstrap - full SCSS source for the Bootstrap framework.
  • modules - theme overrides and custom components for this theme
  • style.*.scss - main theme SCSS files that get compiled into theme main stylesheets style.*.css. The * represents the colour variant
  • core.scss - file that handles all the SASS imports - mixins, Bootstrap and theme variables, Bootstrap framework
  • user.scss - a place for you to add your own custom CSS declarations to keep them separate from the core theme files, which aids updating.
  • user-variables.scss - a place for you to add your own custom SCSS variables to override the Bootstrap and theme defaults. This prevents the need to edit the core Bootstrap/theme files and prevents the problems from updating the theme.
Public folder

Static files like images or SVG files are located in /public/content folder.

You can customize favicon in /public folder too.